Our School

Legends ATA Martial Arts Black Belt Academy is a state of the art training facility located in South Plainfield NJ. Our academy provides students with the tools and motivation needed to climb the ladder of success. Whether a student is looking to be a champion martial artist, a professional martial artist or a champion in life our academies empower them to accomplish their goals.

Life skills, fitness, self-defense training and top marital arts programs are the keys to our amazing results. We are not just about the techniques, so students are provided with life skill instruction in each and every class. Our expert instructors reflect skills such as confidence, goal setting, bully prevention, child safety, environmental awareness, good health and character development at home in school and the academy. This is the key to creating a good martial artist and person. With obesity becoming one of the five largest problems facing children in America, our rigorous fitness training has never been more important.

Students will learn to push themselves to their limits and beyond becoming stronger mentally and physically then they ever thought possible and all with a smile on their faces. We provide a comprehensive self-defense program dealing with grabs, punches, pushes, bullies, multiple attackers, chokes, bear hugs and more. Students experience one of the most well structured martial arts curriculums available.

With traditional forms, weapons training, board breaking, boxing, sparring, Muay Thai, MMA and much more. At our academies there is always more to learn and more growth to experience. This is why we are amongst the top in our industry in retention.

Legends ATA Martial arts of South Plainfield is a member of the American Taekwondo Association. The ATA is one of the world’s largest martial arts organizations and is the leader in our nations martial arts. Our goal is to make our communities and the world better one black belt at a time.

Legends ATA Martial Arts staff in South Plainfield is constantly advancing their skills in instruction, customer service and program development. We attend seminars and workshops year round to ensure that we are providing our students with the highest quality martial arts anywhere. Mr. Greg and Walt Seidel, 4th degree certified instructors, passionately run the South Plainfield academy.

When you enter into are academy you will enjoy a positive family environment. Our parents and students are proud to call themselves Legends ATA Martial Artists and are provided with a clear vision of their martial arts futures. Together our instructors and parents provide a support net that will ensure each students climb up the ladder of success.

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